Amazing Range
We’re delighted to bring you an ever increasing range of supplement powders.

Grown Naturally
All the herbs we stock are Non-GMO and Non-irradiated. Where possible, we use Organic or Wild Crafted. We can tell you where all our herbs are cultivated. Our Purple Corn for instance, is grown in Peru in the inter-Andean valleys and the central coast and grows between 1,200 and over 4,000 meters above sea level. This makes for the best quality possible..

Nothing But The Herb
We do not use ANY artificial flavours, additives or preservatives - our fruits and herbs are all natural.

Superior packaging
Our re-sealable bottles are designed to provide high barrier protection against light, moisture and oxygen. Each bottle is heat-sealed for additional security. This ensures your herbs reach you in the very best condition and stay fresh for longer.

For more information email sales@iraeorganics.co.uk